My journey to Saudi Arabia - a podcast

by Regina Fisch

Saudi Arabia – A country with countless facets. I was lucky enough to discover one of its treasures: The city of Riyadh. 

The kingdom has been open for pilgrimage and international business for a very long time. But only recently, in September 2019, they opened visas for tourists to discover the country. 


From Kashtas in the desert, home-made Kabsah, quadbike rides in the Thumama Desert and Riyadh season to discovering local customs and social codes. My experience in Riyadh was enlightening. I captured my thoughts and concerns, my expectations and the reality. Among the things I have learned during my three weeks stay, I have many recommendations to share with you. 


It is inevitable that the opening of tourist visas in Saudi Arabia will have an impact on Saudi society. I asked my friend Meshari, who is born and raised in the kingdom, to share his thoughts on the changes he is already seeing from the increasing tourism in Riyadh. 


Listen to Regina's podcast about her journey here


© Regina Fisch 

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